Donate to mental health recovery

Please support our endeavour. You may either make a donation or sponsor us per kilometre. Choose either A Girl Called Hope or the New Zealand Mental Health Foundation as your recipient in either case.

  • A Girl Called Hope
    “A Girl Called Hope is a non-profit organisation working with young women who face life-controlling issues and behaviour, such as abuse, addictions, depression, eating disorders, self harm and unplanned pregnancy. We exist to provide a future full of hope and potential to every young woman  –  to show them that they are valued, purposed and above all have a reason to live.”
  • The New Zealand Mental Health Foundation
    “The Mental Health Foundation is creating a society free from discrimination, where all people enjoy positive mental health and wellbeing. We work to influence individuals, whanau, organisations and communities to improve and sustain their mental health and reach their full potential. We’re not a counselling or advice service, but our Resource & Information Service is happy to point you in the right direction to find help.”

Option 1: Make a donation
Click on the funding link provided at the foot of this page to access Mind Over Miles’s Fundraiseonline page or to the Givealittle site. Fundraiseonline and Givealittle enable you to pay directly and safely to a charity. We are not registered fundraisers, do not wish to handle money, and prefer to support existing organisations with official fundraising numbers.

Option 2: Sponsor us per kilometre
The furthest we can possibly walk if we complete the Te Araroa trail is 3 080 km. A private individual offering one cent per kilometre would therefore provide a maximum of $30.80 if we reach Bluff in Southland (and less if we have to stop sooner). The money you pledge between now and the end of our walk would be paid by you, when we stop, either to to A Girl Called Hope or to the New Zealand Mental Health Foundation, using the funding link provided at the foot of this page. Email us with your pledge and your choice of recipient and we shall record it here and thank you on the “Thanks to our supporters” page. Find our email address under “Contact us”.

Record of pledges so far:
1) 10/9/13, Suzanne B.: For A Girl Called Hope. Half a cent per km, for a
possible total of $15.40.

Record of donations so far:
1) 6/10/13, Goldfish: To NZ Mental Health Foundation

Donation link through Givealittle
To donate to A Girl Called Hope, click here.
In the “comment” box, please indicate that your donation is in response to the Mind Over Miles fundraising initiative.

Donation link through Fundraiseonline
To donate to the NZ Mental Health Foundation, click here.

Thanks for making a difference to the lives of others.