Help us with walk expenses

Help us to do the walk (donations to us)

There has been some outlay for our walk, and we expect additional costs. Occasional transport home to Auckland is a major factor as is payment for accommodation at campsites or in towns where we will stop for a short while to rest, update our blog, do our laundry, clean our equipment (and bath!).

If you would like to donate by credit or debit card through PayPal, click on the button below for the PayPal link.

If you would prefer to pay directly into a bank account, please email us and we shall provide you with our bank account number. (Find our email address under “About us” > “Contact us”.)

If you don’t have a paypal account, that’s fine – you can still use the button above and make a donation using your credit/debit card. After clicking on the “Donate” button, click on the “Continue” link (situated at 6 o’clock on the opening screen) and follow the instructions.

Thanks so much for your support. We truly appreciate it.