Thanks to our supporters

Thanks so very much to all of you. Without your help we would not have been able to undertake this walk. Other anonymous people have shared our blog link with their contacts lists, commented on our posts, cheered us on, given us lifts or gifts and have been kind in small and special ways. We thank you also.

People and organisations who have funded us to do the walk:

  • The Allis family
  • The Harrison family
  • The Lawrence family
  • The Kiker family
  • Berenice Veldhoen
  • Raquel Harper
  • Andrew Pennington
  • Cheryl Stobie
  • The Acute Focus Team at Marinoto North CAMHS
  • Julie Parle
  • Neil Rodgers
  • Margaret Young for Hannah’s socks and boots
  • The Young family for the shirts
  • Debbie Powney of Faster, Fitter, Stronger for the free training sessions she gave Hannah to prepare for the walk
  • Bivouac, for selling us goods at cost price
  • Jean Jacoby for IT assistance

People and organisations who have pledged an amount per kilometre:

  • Suzanne B.

People and organisations who have donated to A Girl Called Hope or the New Zealand Mental Health Foundation:

  • Goldfish
  • Whangaparaoa College
  • Whangaparaoa College